Group customizes bullet-resistant doors for classrooms

By Japhanie Gray - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Impacted by the number of school shootings happening across the nation, one group has worked to better protect classroom settings with bullet-resistant doors.

Rayan Prochaska and Casey Pyle are both owners of Jay Bird Defense Solutions. They said the idea to build bullet-resistant doors was sparked by one of the school shootings.

“In the Santa Fe shooting, the teachers were locked down,” Pyle said. “[The shooter] was in the corridor. He was shooting through the wooden classroom doors and killing fellow classmates. That is when I started to think, 'We need to design something that eliminates the chaos of kids running through corridors. Let’s lock them down and keep them safe inside the classroom.'”

Prochaska said though they’ve seen schools take the initiative by securing the entrances of the school buildings, he feels more needs to be done.

“A shooter can get in any point of the school,” Prochaska said. “We want to give the kids a fighting chance. This is not a cure-all type of thing. This is just a tool that can be a part of the solution. A lot of what we see doesn’t address the fact (of) once a shooter gets in, which they will. We want to focus on what gives the kids protection.”

They say having these doors in place can also give law enforcement a sense of security.

“Law officials can come in the school and know the students are safe inside the classrooms, so they don’t have to worry too much on responding to anyone being hurt,” Pyle said. “They can come in, not worry about straight fire, and they will know the shooter who is in the hallway is the right one to take down.”

The doors are designed with bullet-resistant panels inside and constructed with a metal outer layer. They also have a standalone frame, which can be installed anywhere in a matter of 30 to 40 minutes.

“Most designs, you have to worry about the wall frame and then having to make sure the door fits in it, which can be very expensive,” Prochaska said. “This is cheaper and will not call for all of that labor.”

The two men have been researching, building and testing these doors for several months.

“We feel like this is a commonsense solution, and we want to protect lives,” Prochaska said. “We have kids, our families have kids, and everybody doesn’t want to have to worry about their kids going to school. Schools are for learning, not for lockdown.”

To make sure their tests worked, Prochaska said he has even had Pyle stand behind a door to be shot. 

“We have kids we are also thinking about,” Prochaska said. “We want to make sure they are safe, so we literally stand behind our doors. We go out of way to make sure this works for the safety of our schools.”

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