Rep. Joaquin Castro discusses issues surrounding national gun debate at town hall

Congressman took questions from audience members

By Garrett Brnger - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - Rep. Joaquin Castro was downtown Saturday speaking to students and other community members about issues surrounding the national debate over guns.

The town hall at La Trinidad United Methodist Church was put together by youth organizers of the recent San Antonio March for Our Lives.  

The congressman took audience questions, answering one at a time. Castro, who said he is pushing for universal background checks and bans on assault weapons and bump stocks, said it’s good to see so many young people pushing for gun reform.

“People are frustrated that nothing has changed, that Congress has not done gun reform, that our state leaders in Austin have not done anything on gun reform. And they're getting very frustrated and they want to see change,” Castro said.

“To know that he's listening to our words, even, you know, when we're teenagers and we can't vote, to know that he's still going to take those words home and think about them, it feels really good to know at least one adult is listening to us,” said Sophia Mendez, a town hall organizer.

While some media coverage following the Santa Fe shooting has suggested that the tragedy won’t prompt the same kind of backlash against guns as the Parkland shooting did, Castro believes events such as Saturday’s town hall show that Texans want gun reform.

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