Toys can make kids sick

KSAT sends experts to test bacteria levels in family's home


SAN ANTONIO – Colds are common this time of year, but the germs making children sick could be coming from right inside a family's home.

Keeping one kid healthy is hard enough, but Anthony Taylor has two.

"They've been sick probably four out of the last six weeks," said Taylor.

What's making his little ones so sick? To find out, KSAT called the germ experts at Syndicate Medical to test everything in Taylor's home, from the stroller to the cribs.

The experts use a small machine that calculates the level of bacteria on swab samples.

"We're talking about flu, staph infections, ring worm," germ expert Mike Kosak said.

A healthy reading is anything under 200. Anything over 1,000 is considered highly contaminated.

The stroller read 200, but the crib received a reading of a very contaminated 3,293.

"We will burn these sheets today," Taylor said.

But that paled in comparison to Taylor's child's hand. One quick swab of her hand received a reading of 5,722, and those very contaminated hands spend a lot of time in her mouth.

Kosak said anti-microbial cleaners are new and the best way to combat all that bacteria.