SA START Center first to offer new BraGGs Bra

Bra designed for women who have had breast reconstruction


SAN ANTONIO – A bra that promises to re-shape a woman's chest area in a flattering way following breast reconstruction is now available at the START Center's Inspiratas Spa and Wellness Center in San Antonio, the first store to offer the new undergarment.

The BraGGs Bra addresses the issue of lack of confidence many breast reconstruction patients experience because their chest area no longer has a natural curve. While silicone implants can fill out the bosom, the projection that naturally occurs is often missing.

Inventor Kara Gorski, a breast cancer survivor herself, said, "Just being able to put a bra on, that fits, that works, throw it in the wash, get up the next morning, and wear it again hopefully puts a smile on people's faces. It does for us."

She came up with the idea two years ago when, at the age of 35, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her sister also found the gene and chose to remove her breasts and have them reconstructed. That's when the issues of a good bra fit became apparent.

The BraGGs bra is wire free and provides support through technology where it's most needed, but most women who see it also say it doesn't look like a post cancer bra.

Betsy Briton, who works at the Inspiratas boutique and herself is a reconstruction patient says, " It was very comfortable, it was very pretty, very attractive, I would purchase this product."

The bra runs $65, but unlike prosthetic bras fitted for mastectomy patients, it is not covered by insurance. If you want to see the Brag bra, you can find it at Inspiritas Spa and Wellness Center, which is the only store that will carry it for the time being. However, you can purchase the bra online at http://braggsonline.com/

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