Thousands of Alamo City physicians getting communities healthy

Group hopes to prevent diabetes, heart disease, stroke


SAN ANTONIO – Twins Ethan and Luke Tobias, 12, work out with their dad for about an hour each day at the YMCA.

Their dad said it's important quality time focused on getting their bodies stronger the right way.

"It allows me to incorporate my healthy lifestyle to theirs as they're entering middle school," said Dad Steven Tobias.

The Bexar County Medical Society hopes more families will be like this.

The group made up of volunteer physicians has focused its public health efforts on the prevention and control of diabetes, heart disease or stroke.

Some of the things these physicians hope our community will do: drink more water, be more physically active, and ban sugar sweetened beverages in public schools.

Luke said too much sugar makes him feel bad.

"l get headaches and stuff when I eat a lot of sugary stuff...that's why I tend to eat more strawberries and fruit," said Luke Tobias.

Dr. Vince Fonseca from the Bexar County Medical Society said, "it always happens that the people around them who love them and care for them get healthier too."

BCMS supports many Alamo city organizations, such as the YMCA, that focus on improving the health status of our community.

"So instead of focusing on one mom and kid or one dad kid, we're saying let's change the whole community by changing policy and the environment," said Dr. Fonseca.

"It's just a nice family oriented city that we're becoming and I appreciate that," said Steven Tobias.

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