Turn to chiropractic care to treat back pain

(NewsUSA) - Anyone who's ever suffered with chronic back pain can tell you how debilitating it can be. Take Naomi Morgan, a 65-year-old nursing assistant from Maryland who's been living with it for more than 20 years.

"The pain was beyond terrible," Morgan recalls. "There were times when I could barely walk."

Long-popular steroid injections have been linked to medical complications and side effects. So patients like Naomi are now looking for safer ways to manage their pain.

"I had already had two surgeries and my doctor recommended a third," she says. "But I swore that the only way I would ever have surgery again is if I wasn't able to move my legs, back or anything else."

Morgan turned to Dr. Alan Sokoloff, the chiropractor for the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens.

"Often times, patients want instant relief or a quick fix," says Dr. Sokoloff, "even if it means choosing a more aggressive route. Research continues to show the effectiveness of the conservative method: Trying chiropractic first, then medicine and surgery, is gaining in demand with its safe and positive results."