Web Extra: Colon screening for men and women


Dr. Rolando Saenz, a general and colon-rectal surgeon, discusses valuable information related to colonoscopies and why it is so important for men to get it done, what to expect if they "skip it," what the process entails and modern advancements to make screening easier. Saenz encourages anyone with questions to call his office at 210-941-1000.

Video No. 1: Testing in the Latino community -- Encouraging the Latino community to consider their love of family as a reason to follow through with preventative colon examinations that coul detect cancer early and save lives.

Video No. 2: When should men get tested for cancer? -- Testicular, colon and prostate exams. When should a man get tested?  A broad overview of the exams.

Video No. 3: Appealing to the need to get screened -- Find out how not following through with a check-up can lead to failing to detect easily preventable cancer.

Video No. 4: Colonoscopy process explained -- Modern advancements are making the colonoscopy screening process easier for patients.