San Antonio AIDS foundation to offer free HIV testing

Testing is free and available to everyone


SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio AIDS Foundation in partnership with the Alamo Area Resource Center, will offer free HIV and syphilis testing during National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. 

SAAF said the partnership is very important in light of the statistics about HIV in the local African-American population. 

According to the most recent data from the City of San Antonio’s Metropolitan Health District, published in 2013, new rates of HIV diagnoses in Bexar County are highest among black males, as compared to Hispanic and white males. 

Among all males in Bexar County who tested positive for HIV infection in 2013, 64.4 percent were black, compared with 41.8 percent Hispanic males and 25 percent white males. Black women in Bexar County are also disproportionately affected by new HIV infections.  Among all women who were diagnosed with HIV in 2013, 21.5 percent were black, 3.6 percent were Hispanic and 1.1 percent were white.

The testing will take place Sunday from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. in the Walgreen parking lot at 2200 East Houston Street.

Testing is available to everyone, regardless of race, gender or sexual orientation.