Number of flu cases on rise across South Texas

10 percent of people tested for flu come back positive

SAN ANTONIO – New numbers from the state health lab show that flu numbers are on the rise across Texas.

"It definitely seems to be on the rise,” Dr. David Gude said. “It's not an epidemic at this point, but we've noted more cases of it from two weeks ago."

While last year there was seemingly no flu season, Gude said not only is that not the case this year, but now is the time to take precautions.

For those who have not gotten the flu vaccine, it’s not too late.

Though it takes two weeks for the vaccine to take effect there are a few things people can do to help stay healthy.

  • Wear face mask
  • Wash your hands often
  • Clean commonly shared surfaces such as door knobs

The flu lives on hard surfaces and can survive outside the body for several hours.

The state health department said its tracking increases each week and about 10 percent of all cases come back positive.