Hospitalizations, doctors' visits spike amid dangerous flu season with no sign of slowdown

Flu keeping employees out of work

SAN ANTONIO – A deadly and dangerous flu season is upon us, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Metropolitan Health District officials said hospitalizations and doctors’ visits have spiked, as the flu virus is clearing out workplaces as employees recover.

“We have gone to a weekly monitoring of beds status because there are a few hospitals that are close to being on diversion and a big part of that is the flu,” said Colleen Bridger, Metro Health director.

Bridger said flu season isn’t close to over. It doesn’t peak until February and doesn’t end until May.

Lewis Lepovitz, who works in sales at KSAT 12, was impacted by the flu.

“I just hope I don’t get it a second time,” he said.

No workplace is immune to the flu.

“Called in, said I'll be in at noon. I didn't get out of bed for two days,” Lepovitz said.

He was out for over a week and he wasn’t the only one at KSAT to get it.

“A lot (of people) throughout the station that you haven't seen around for a while,” Lepovitz said.

During a flu season like this, people should treat their workplace like their home. When at your desk, wipe down surfaces and, of course, always wash your hands.

It’s not too late to get a flu shot since it takes a couple of weeks to go into effect. Pregnant moms need to get flu shots in order to pass immunity to their babies.

Metro Health said parents should make sure their kids are washing their hands during and after school so they don’t bring germs home with them.

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