SA private school cancels classes for 'flu day'

San Antonio Christian School takes proactive approach against flu

SAN ANTONIO – As a flu outbreak sweeps across the nation, at least one school in San Antonio is taking a proactive approach in hopes of preventing a health problem on its campus.

San Antonio Christian School closed Friday for what school officials called a "flu day" on the school's website.

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day being a school holiday Monday, the private pre-k-12 school gave students a four-day weekend while the campus is deep-cleaned.

Tracy Smith, the school's development director, said there's "been no epidemic," but they've seen "noticeable absences" in their 1,030 student body.

Administrators notified students at noon Thursday of Friday's closure, so that a company can "super clean," or disinfect the air and surfaces inside the campus.

Smith said the four-day weekend is a perfect opportunity to play it safe. Despite the late notice, parents seemed to appreciate the prevention plan.

"Our city's emergency rooms are overflowing with individuals who have contracted the flu virus. In a proactive effort to minimize further exposure in our school, we will be closing (Friday)" said a letter from Superintendent Dr. William R. Walters to parents.

Walters said the cleaners are releasing "germicidal bombs" throughout the campus.

The cleaners are expected to work through the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, officials said.