Anti-gravity treadmill helps woman accomplish fitness goal

Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill takes weight off lower joints

SAN ANTONIO – Mariah Kilbourne has become stronger physically and spiritually, which she attributes to training with the Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill.

"It's really hard to find this type of equipment outside of a physical therapy center, and so to actually be in the community and experience fitness that I can take part of just like everybody else, not having to be at a specialized therapy center, but being part of the community, that's been awesome," Kilbourne said. 

Kilbourne has cerebral palsy and said she has always used a walker or wheelchair. 

She said the anti-gravity treadmill changed her outlook on life. 

"It uses anti-pressure to take the weight off of your lower joints so that you are not putting as much pressure on your knee, hip, ankle," said Susanna Guzman, a YMCA membership and marketing director.

Guzman said the machine is typically found in physical therapy clinics and sports arenas. 

Kilbourne has exceeded expectations with help from YMCA coaches. 

"I wanted to run the 100 meter without any assistant device," Kilbourne said. 

She realized her goal three years ago at a Texas regional competition. 

Kilbourne has a message for anyone who doubts their abilities. 

"Believe in yourself, and there are people that support you and believe in you, too," Kilbourne said.