Pediatric sports injuries rising

SAN FRANCISCO – Every year, 1.5 million children go down with a serious sports injury. 

Kids as young as 8 now have ACL tears and major league-level shoulder injuries like Tommy John. 

Being stuck on the sidelines is excruciating. Just ask sisters Gina and Anna Trent. 

The game they love to play, soccer, is out of reach now because they suffered the type of injury usually suffered by adults. 

"I planted and then I twisted my knee and then I tore my ACL," Anna said.

"Once they found out I tore my ACL, we planned to have surgery the same day," Gina said. 

Many kids are just playing one sport, hoping that sole focus will pay off big. The downside to that gamble is serious injuries.

"You experience concussions, hurt knees, and scrapes and bruises all over the body. It is a pretty rough sport," said Mary Trent, Anna and Gina's mom.