What you need to know about Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment now open through Dec. 7

SAN ANTONIO – Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment is going on right now through Dec. 7 for people 65 years of age and older.

Dr. Kristi Clark from HealthTexas is here to help answer questions about the Medicare Advantage Plan.

"I think patients do wonderfully on Medicare Advantage Plans, it's simple, less cost and there's a lot of value with the benefits," said Dr. Clark.

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Why are fewer doctors accepting just traditional Medicare?

"The main reason that many physicians have turned away from Medicare is because it's complicated for doctors as well as patients," said Dr. Clark. "They (doctors) have to submit a tremendous amount of data and because of that, a lot of physicians have shied away from Medicare. In San Antonio we are pretty safe. Most doctors take a lot of Medicare."

What are the different types of Medicare?

  • Part A is about hospital benefits, that's where the bulk of the expenses are.
  • Part B is what we traditionally think of with our premium, that's when you got to see your doctor or specialist. 
  • Part C allows a private insurer to offer a product that combines A, B and D.
  • Part D is for drug coverage.

Information above is from Dr. Kristi Clark.

Why should someone on Medicare join a Medicare Advantage Plan?

"Cost is huge with patients, with the Medicare Advantage Plan it will almost always save patients money," Dr. Clark said. "They have co-pays rather than co-premiums."

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Information courtesy of HealthTexas.

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