Tips about natural medicines – essential oils

Discuss with your primary care doctor before use

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SAN ANTONIO(Information courtesy of Christopher Caulfield, M.D.)

Today, the internet is full of posts and pins declaring the magical healing powers of essential oils.

To understand what an essential oil is just think of these oils as retaining the "essence" of the plant or tree they are derived from in either smell or taste.

They are now being more carefully investigated and studied by mainstream healthcare, yet to date there is limited data of any true benefit of these oils. Also, we need to remember that "natural" does not always mean "safe and without risk".

I often point out to my patients that hemlock, strychnine and mercury are ALL found in nature but they can all be deadly to humans.

Understanding essential oils 

  • Essential oils are used and enter the body in three major delivery systems, oral (by mouth), by inhalation (using a diffuser), and sometimes topically (to the skin)
  • These are the systems that get the "active component" in to the human body
  • Oils are usually purchased online or at a natural food store

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