Depression often accompanies holidays

Situational problems can cause depression, expert says

SAN ANTONIO – Whether it's traveling, shopping or attending a party, the holidays are usually a happy time.

But not for everyone.

"For many, it is situational problems, whether it's homelessness or financial situations," said Dr. Harry Croft, a psychiatrist.

Depression can affect anyone.

Croft said memories of holidays past can often lead to unrealistic expectations and depression.

"In the past, the holidays have always been wonderful times, and now, for whatever reason, they're not," he said.

For some people, there is no connection between the holidays and depression, Croft said.

"For some people, actually many, depression is a biological thing and there is no cause," he said.

Among the best ways to deal with holiday-induced depression is to get involved with others, Croft said.

"Doing for others can really be helpful," Croft said. "Talking to other people and volunteering for things like the Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner or the Elf Louise Project."

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