STD screenings spike after Fiesta, organization says

Texas Wears Condoms seeing an increase in orders for free condoms

San Antonio – Fiesta 2019 kicks off on Thursday, and you may want to party responsibly when it comes to your health.

According to Metro Health, after major events like Fiesta there is an increase in screenings for STIs and HIV. 

The most recent report from 2017 shows that Bexar County ranks third in the state with the most STI cases.

Courtesy: Metro Health
Courtesy: Metro Health

Texas Wears Condoms is hoping to bring those statistics down by mailing free condoms to those who want them.

"What you do, you go on our website, you can order up to 25 free condoms every month with free shipping and free delivery," community outreach specialist Ambie Lopez said.

The idea is to lower the rates of STIs and unwanted pregnancy.

According to a recent survey by Texas Wear Condoms, there are three reasons why people are not buying condoms -- they are too expensive, they are too embarrassed to purchase them and they don't which kind to buy.

The idea of mailing them seems to be working -- over the past year the organization has seen a surplus of orders. 

"People order very often, so we are always super busy and we would love volunteers," Lopez said. 

For more information from Texas Wears Condoms and on how to order condoms, click here. 

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