Trauma survivors meet with University Hospital System providers for special luncheon

Trauma Awareness Month event therapeutic for staff, patients

A special luncheon Wednesday was an opportunity for University Hospital's health care providers to visit with former trauma patients, absent the stressful circumstances under which they had originally met.

"Seeing the survivors come back is a great mental health boost for all of the providers," said Dr. Lillian Liao, chief of University Hospital System's Pediatric and Burn Trauma Center.

One of Liao's patients returning for Wednesday's luncheon was Jayden Brewer, who was seriously injured in a jet ski accident. Brewer's injuries required an extended hospital stay, which included two major surgeries.

"It was great having such a great team by my side through it all," Brewer said. "Everything was amazing."

The visit was an opportunity for everyone to get back together to share stories and experiences, Liao said. 

"Them having a positive attitude and their resilience is really the goal and hope of the trauma program," Liao said. 

Liao said the event helps the staff keep going on a day-to-day basis.  

The event was part of University Hospital System's observance of Trauma Awareness Month. 

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