All the reasons you should hit the pool for your next workout

Summertime means pool time, which means plenty of exercise opportunities

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Pretty much anywhere you go this time of year, people and pools are going to be a popular combination.

Pools are a great place to take the kids to burn off energy and, of course, cool off during a hot and humid summer day.

For those who are exercise enthusiasts but don’t normally swim, it's easy to brave the pool in the name of child entertainment -- and it should be as refreshing as the cool water itself to know pools can serve as great places to work out, even for nonswimmers. 

Even if you don’t know how to swim or don't enjoy swimming, get in the shallow end and know these pool exercises can work you out just as much as the gym, if not more.

Running/walking in water

Normal land walking or running is a good source of exercise, but doing so in a pool is even better since water is 12 times more resistant than air, offering an even better workout.

Whether it's getting in a lap lane or simply following kids in more shallow parts of a pool, routine walking or running in water can be great exercise for nonswimmers. If you're comfortable getting in the deep end, treading water for 15 to 20 minutes can burn a good number of calories, as well. 

Jumping in water

Squats, lunges, jumping jacks or simple repeated jumps in the shallow end of a pool can give even more of a workout than on land, again because of how much more resistance water provides. 

Weight training

This can be done with aquatic dumbbells, which are shaped like normal metal dumbbells, except they are made of foam and perfect for the pool. Any sort of weight training exercise done in the gym, such as biceps curls, arm raises, chest flies or tricep extensions, can be done with the water providing resistance. 

Ab workouts

This can be done in a variety of ways. If you're comfortable lying on your back with your face pointing toward the sky, try to float at the top of the water and hold yourself in that position, which puts a good burn on your abs. Another method is to put your back up against the pool wall and lift your legs up in the water. 

Are there any other good pool exercises, even for nonswimmers, that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. 

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