Protecting your sight

Your vision may change sooner than you think

ORLANDO, Fla. – Your vision may change as you get older, but it can also change much sooner than you think if you are not careful.

From looking at TV to looking outside at nature, your eyes focus on 50 different objects per second. But your eyes aren't perfect, and they can run into problems, such as if you stare at your cellphone too long.

"That's high-energy visible light, but it's harmful, and that's what causes the digital eye strain," said Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, an ophthalmologist in Hollywood, Florida.

Experts say if you feel weary just take a break. If you are not careful, it could lead to red eyes and possibly pink eye.

"Vision becomes blurry, eyes become fatigued, sometimes red. It's very frequent to start getting headaches," Mendelsohn said.

To reduce the irritation, take a cool or warm towel to your eyes.

But not every cause is so easily fixed.

Lazy eye, which causes vision to be weaker, requires surgery. So does uveitis, a form of inflammation in the middle layer of your eye and cataracts."It’s almost like having a stone inside your eye, and breaking that up sometimes requires a lot of energy. That energy is not good to the eye," said Dr. Sean Lanchulev, of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai.

Not taking care of cataracts could lead to night blindness.

Finally, watch out for the sun. Not protecting your eyes could lead to excess tearing, or floaters, which could be a sign of retinal detachment. So, wear those sunglasses for style and protection.

Contact wearers beware. Do not wet them in your mouth, as it could lead to infection. Also be sure that your contacts fit properly to help protect your eyes from being scratched.