How to do a yearly electrical inspection

Use your eyes to look for electrical issues

By Chaya Kurtz, Networx

It's not a bad idea to inspect your electrical system for obvious signs of failure once a year. According to a reputable electrician, your eyes are pretty much the only tool you need to do a DIY yearly electrical inspection. Here's how:

*Look to see that outdoor wires are not touching trees.

*Open up your breaker/fuse box and look for burn marks. Then test all the breakers.

*Check outlets for burn marks. (Do you see a theme emerging?)

*Test your GFCI outlets to make sure that each one is working.

*Check for loose electrical parts: boxes, outlet covers, etc. Bolt them down, OK?

*Use an electrical tester to be sure all outlets work.

*Throw away old or frayed extension cords.