Investigational Trial On New Cancer Drug Looks Promising

New Cancer Drug In Trial Phase Showing Promise

By Shari S. St. Clair - Special Projects Producer
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SAN ANTONIO - In the world of treatments for cancer, there is always hope for one drug that will be the cure.

In San Antonio at the START Center, a new drug being used in an investigational trial may not yet be the cure, but it it showing very promising results.

The name of the drug is not being divulged as it is propriatary information.  It's been approved by the FDA for use in this trial.

Carolyn Bogany, a 47-year-old cancer patient, is one of the participants in the trial. Taking the drug for almost six months has been nothing short of a miracle.

"I feel great," said Bogany, "I'm doing my activities, I work 10 hour days, I walk every day when I get out of work."

Bogany's cancer started in one breast, then the other. It then spread to her liver and lungs.  Traditional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation were not working.

Her Houston oncologist told her about the clinical trial at the START center.

"Fortunately, we were able to identify a very specific genetic abnormality in her cancer that led to her participation in one of our clinical trials," said Dr. Drew Rasco, the onocologist working with Bogany.

The new drug is not like chemotherapy, which Dr.Rasco says "was like poison given to the patient trying to kill cancer cells in the process."

The drug hits a specific genetic target in the cancer cells. It's administered through an IV.  And in Bogany's case, tumors in her liver and lungs are shrinking so much several aren't even showing up on scans anymore.

The trial is giving hope to both doctor and patient. 

"The future is bright for her, said Rasco. "Time will tell if this medication continues to control this cancer. There is very little cancer that we can visualize on her scans right now, which is impressive considering how aggressive it was." 

For Bogany, there is a bit more to her recovery than the drug.

"I believe in the power of healing," she said, And I'm a very spiritual person, and I think just having an overall faith has resulted in my healing."

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