Halloween safety tips for trick-or-treaters, parents

Here's a list of important things to remember

Here's a look at some of the things that should be remembered while trick-or-treating on Monday night:


  • Wear protective paint or tape on costumes
  • Cross only at corners and obey traffic lights
  • Go only to homes with porch lights on
  • Go to school party parent supervised neighborhood party
  • Don't eat candy/treat until a parent has inspected it
  • Don't carry lighted candles in plastic or artificial Jack-O-Lanters
  • Don't go trick-or-treating alone
  • Don't accept rides from strangers


  • Accompany your children
  • Give out wrapped candies/treats only
  • Inspect treats and wash/inspect fruit
  • Turn porch lights on if giving treats
  • Keep your children in your own neighborhood
  • Keep from overloading your vehicle


  • Keep your headlights on
  • Drive slowly being cautious for all children
  • Stay alert -- especially in residential areas

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