Best dad ever? Man transforms son into Elf on the Shelf

More mischief awaits!


He’s back!

For anyone who follows Alan Lawrence, of thatdadblog on Instagram and in the blogosphere, you might remember last year, when he and his wife turned their son, Rockwell, into the Elf on the Shelf -- with Lawrence documenting the process along the way on social media.

Well, we’re here to pass along the good news: the Elf is back this December, and cuter than ever.

Lawrence writes, in one of his latest posts, “So far, the elf mischief has been pretty mild, but that’s usually how elves are -- they gain your trust and then the next thing you know, your toilet is full of Jell-O, and your slippers are filled with pudding.”

Lawrence is a self-proclaimed “father of six -- one blessed with an extra chromosome and the ability of flight,” he says on his Instagram profile.

Lawrence has also gained some internet fame by posting photos of his son Wil, who has Down syndrome. Lawrence wanted to show that those with special needs can do anything they put their minds to, or fly. He is known for using Photoshop to make it seem as if Wil is flying around in his day-to-day life, or in different spots across the country.


What a fun dad, right?

Luckily, there's a lot of December remaining! Which brings us back to Rockwell, or "Rock," as he's known on the blog.

As the month progresses, we’ll be checking back to see what kind of mischief Lawrence’s little Elf is up to. 


Here are some of Lawrence's photos from last Christmas. And don't worry. Before you get too Grinch-like, just know that some more Photoshop magic was involved here.

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