Spend time with dad on Father's Day

Find unique ways to treat dad on his day


This Father's Day, millions of dads across America will be waking up to the same old, same old. Burnt toast and eggs, neckties and shirts, and a day much like every other Father's Day across the decades.So what can you do to ensure your dad's day is one you'll all enjoy and remember for years to come? Make the day easy for him and fill it with shared activities and time together to create a magical day for everyone.

Take Him Fishing

Many dads love to fish, but why turn "his" day into more work for him? Instead, hit the Web and run a search for stocked fishing holes where enterprising souls keep the water filled with trout, bass and other fish just waiting to bite.Most stocked fishing ponds rent fishing rods and bait, and many even clean, cook and serve up the caught fish for you. All Dad needs to do is sit back, crack open a soda or beer, and enjoy spending time with his family.

Build Something Together

Instead of buying him some new aftershave or soap on a rope, how about wrapping up a birdhouse kit?BirdhouseDepot.com offers kits beginning at just $8.95, which can provide a few hours of fun building together and hours of enjoyment watching the birds come and visit their new home.OrientalTrading.com is another source for inexpensive and fun kits.Other great things to make include model kits or a large Lego set. ModelCars.com and Lego.com are sites filled with kits that will provide hours of fun.

Take Him Out To The Ball Game

Find the nearest professional or semi-pro game happening close to home on Father's Day weekend.Get some tickets and plan a full tailgate event to enjoy before the game. Pack up the grill, plenty of picnic and grilling favorites, and a cooler full of Dad's favorite beverage. Pick up a new baseball cap for him and head out to the game to enjoy some sunshine, baseball and your dad.Tailgating.com has recipes from snacks to chili to meat that you can make to create a memorable day.

Turn Your Home Into Drive-In Movie

Pop up plenty of popcorn, set out bowls of candy and nachos and hop over to Projector123.com to rent a movie projector for your backyard. Set up lots of seating and get a few of your dad's favorite films or old home movies and make a special movie night just for him.Combine the evening with a delicious cookout dinner and some sparkling lights strung up to create an atmosphere that could set the tone for a new family Father's Day tradition.

Pamper Him

Yes, usually when we hear the word "pamper" we think about Mother's Day, not Father's Day. But why not pamper Dad?If you're a good cook, whip up a few of his favorites for a delicious breakfast in bed with a newspaper or his favorite movie. If you're not a whiz in the kitchen, bring him a few of his favorite pastries instead. Then spend the rest of the day with Dad enjoying one of his favorite hobbies.Does he enjoy barbecue? Help him stir up a dry rub and get the ribs or brisket in the smoker. Is the yard his passion? Help him out with mowing, trimming and fertilizing. Is he crazy about jigsaw puzzles? Pick out a big one, set up a table with some drinks and snacks, and start searching for the corner pieces.For dinner, either plan to prepare his favorite, or head to a restaurant where he can be catered to. Make the day about him and see his face light up.Father's Day isn't about what you can buy Dad. At the end of the day, it's about spending time together doing something that makes you both happy. Sharing yourself and your time with the man who helped raise you will strengthen your bond and create memories for years to come.