Halloween tips: TxDPS says check trick-or-treat route for sex offenders, select costume wisely

TxDPS says not to carry toy guns, knives that could be mistaken for real weapons


SAN ANTONIO – The Texas Department of Public Safety has a list of Halloween trick-or-treating tips ahead of the spooky day.

From costume selection to mapping a trick-or-treat route, DPS' list of suggestions makes for a safer Halloween experience.

See some of DPS' tips below...

Check trick-or-treat route for sex offenders

DPS advises parents to check their child's trick-or-treat route for sex offenders by going to the DPS' online sex offender registry. Parents can also download the DPS app to report suspicious or criminal activity. 

Travel in groups

DPS suggests children travel in groups with adult supervision in neighborhoods they are familiar with. 

Don't enter homes

Authorities say children and adults should never enter the cars or homes of strangers. Additionally, trick-or-treaters should avoid homes with the porch lights turned off.

Make sure kids know home address, phone number, how to call 911

DPS says it is important that children know their home address, phone number and how to call 911 should they become separated from their group.

Choose costumes carefully

DPS suggest people should stay away from costumes with toy guns and knives as they could be easily mistaken for real weapons. Costumes should also be light in color, or should have reflective materials on them so drivers can see. People are also asked to avoid wearing masks, if possible, for "better visibility and peripheral vision."

Inspect candies 

Parents should inspect their child's candy before allowing them to eat it. Parents should also be on the lookout for teal pumpkins, which indicate houses with nonfood treats for trick-or-treaters who have food allergies. More on teal pumpkins.