Got plans for Halloween weekend? Want to party at the 'Scream' house?

See you at Stu's!

Here's a shot of the house, where the party is taking place (photo courtesy Anthony Masi).
Here's a shot of the house, where the party is taking place (photo courtesy Anthony Masi).

Any “Scream” fans out there?

What if we told you that you could party, and even spend the night, at the iconic house from the original movie? Would you be brave enough to do it?

Here’s a little bit of backstory, if you’re wondering how the heck this is even possible.

Nate Ragon, who is a movie memorabilia collector and a huge “Scream” fan, and Anthony Masi, a horror movie producer and event planner, met in 2010. One “random” night, according to their project’s website, Ragon texted Masi and asked, "Do you think it's really possible to party at Stu's house?"

For those who haven’t seen the classic film in awhile (hey, to be fair, it DID come out in 1996), Stu was Matthew Lillard’s character. And the house to which they’re referring, which is in Santa Rosa, California, north of San Francisco, is still in great shape.

Here's the main attraction in the house, which is where Skeet Ulrich, Matthew Lillard and Neve Campbell have their showdown (photo courtesy Anthony Masi).

Anyway, Ragon and Masi joined forces with one goal in mind: to create a unique and unforgettable event for fellow “Scream” fans. They’re hoping to re-enact the party from the last scene of the movie -- well, almost. Minus the killings, as the website points out!

(Gotta hope).

“At our event … we'll just keep partying and hope Ghost Face doesn't make an appearance!” the site says. Oh, and for an even longer version of this backstory, by the way, click here. It’s a good read, if you’re curious about how this evolved from an off-the-wall idea to a quickly approaching reality.

Here’s a big catch, however, when it came to conceptualizing the event: When Ragon and Masi first started developing their plan, they traveled to Santa Rosa, spoke with the owners of the massive Victorian house and learned some less-than-stellar news. The owners, who typically rent the home out for weddings and other events, were planning on pulling the house from the rental market within the next year or so, so that they could live in it permanently. But they did love the idea of a “Scream”-related event, for what it’s worth.

Basically, what that means is this: There will only be one opportunity to party at the “Scream” house. There is no chance that this becomes an annual tradition -- it’ll be one and done, as they say.

Once Ragon and Masi sensed the urgency involved, they launched a Kickstarter campaign. Thirty days later, they had enough interest and money to cover their event.

Fast-forward to current day, Ragon and Masi are putting the final touches on the weekend, which is coming up in a matter of weeks. People who are interested in the event can choose from an overnight stay on Friday or Saturday, or buy Saturday day passes. All sorts of fun add-ons are available as well, such as a chance to stay late and keep the party going, or view some never-before-seen photos taken on the set of “Scream 4.”

Some of the more affordable options, which include getting in on a group picture and hanging around the exterior of the house, are selling for $50 (for a day pass). The Fright Night VIP Experience, on the other hand, includes an overnight stay on the grounds, food and drinks, a “Scream” surprise and more -- so, needless to say, this is definitely  a true VIP experience, as the name implies. That will run you $1,750 for two people.

Not to mention, you’re on your own when it comes to the cost of traveling to Northern California and anything else you might do on your trip. So, it’s not exactly designed for those who are on a tight budget. But it is once in a lifetime, we can definitely say that. 

Masi said the total guest count for the weekend is at 350 people.

Here's where Ghost Face enters to kill Rose McGowan's character (photo courtesy Anthony Masi).


Also worth mentioning: Roger Jackson, the voice-over artist who did the voice of Ghost Face in all four “Scream” movies, will be joining the event, Masi said in an email.

Brace yourselves for this next part: If you’re looking to pull an especially memorable prank, you can actually have Jackson call someone for you -- using the Ghost Face voice, of course -- throughout the month of October.

The movie will be screening during the party. Some pretty “killer” photo opportunities are available, as well. The whole thing just sounds very well coordinated and designed with the fans in mind.

"We are 10 days out and the anticipation is building," Masi said Monday. "We are totally ready to go. It’s been so much fun getting emails from people saying this is a dream come true for them (and) that they never thought they would ever be able to visit the actual house used in the film. Being in the house truly makes you feel like you’re in the movie, so we can’t wait to see their reactions when they’re standing in the kitchen where the famous scene with Neve, Matthew and Skeet unfolded!"

As for how exactly all of this will work and come together, check out the website’s FAQs.

Or watch the crowdfunding video below to learn more about Ragon and Masi’s vision.

So, any interest in partying at the "Scream" house?

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