Whether you believe in ghosts or not, these stories will make you keep a light on at night

KSAT 12 visited a few places that have had numerous ghost sightings


SAN ANTONIO – It’s the time of year where everybody starts talking about ghosts. But are they actually real?

South Texas is filled with many locations that are believed to be haunted, but a lot of these places also hold a lot history in their own right.

KSAT 12 learned more about some of these places and witnessed firsthand some things that can’t be explained.

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Just this past year, KSAT 12 went inside a home full of haunted dolls, survived a stay inside a haunted hotel, visited the Hot Wells Spa ruins and found the five most haunted places in South Texas.

Here's the latest Haunting stories

A KSAT 12 crew spent the night at one of the most haunted places in South Texas, the Yorktown Memorial Hospital, accompanied by San Antonio paranormal investigators. Here's what we found.

KSAT 12 made a stop at a private home in San Antonio with a collection of dolls and other items -- including Ouija boards and antique furniture -- that the owner says are haunted.

Once a site of beauty and glamour, the Hot Wells Hotel and Spa attracted many guests to San Antonio. Some say they now believe the site is haunted.

KSAT 12 checks back with the Magnolia Hotel in Seguin following renovations to the hotel and lists the 21 places that have had reported paranormal activity.

Watch the latest story and follow along on our special KSAT.com section to see all the extra footage.

Previous Haunted Excursions

KSAT 12 visited The Magnolia Hotel, where the ghost of a murderer can be heard stomping on the floor above. 

We also visited the Huebner-Onion Homestead off Bandera Rd. The ghost of Joseph Huebner is reported to haunt the home. 

At the Faust Hotel, the ghosts of children could be heard during an EVP session.

At Comanche Lookout Park in San Antonio the sounds of drums were picked up on audio.

At the Wilson County Memorial Hospital the voice of a man was caught on camera telling our crew goodbye. 

In October 2015, our first venture took us to Yorktown, where dolls and footsteps could be heard inside an abandoned hospital.

Our second venture took our crew to the historic Victoria's Black Swan Inn, where what appeared to be a child's laughter could be heard during an EVP session with a paranormal investigator.

The third trip of our tour took us to the historic Menger Hotel, where we heard some ghostly tales of guests that never leave and make unannounced visits.

The fourth trip of our tour took our crew to the Institute of Texan Cultures, where employees shared stories of ghosts coming to life at the museum.

The final location on our list may be the most intriguing: the ghost town of Helena, Texas.

Also look for our interview on Halloween with KSAT's Erica Hernandez, Digital Journalist Adrian Garcia, and members of San Antonio Paranormal Investigations as they share more about their experiences visiting each place and how they feel now about paranormal activity.

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