Salvation Army provides families in need with turkey meals, month's worth of groceries

SAN ANTONIO – The Salvation Army is making sure families in need have a Thanksgiving meal this year.

Denise Mendez is thankful she is one of dozens getting their turkey meals just in time for Thanksgiving next week.

“I would probably be out in the streets trying to make some extra money to provide for the Thanksgiving meal,” Mendez said.

The Salvation Army will also give out a month’s worth of groceries to those people.

“This is part of our monthly food distribution we do twice a month. This one is special, because it’s our Thanksgiving edition,” said Brad Mayhar, public relations manager for the local Salvation Army.

The families are preregistered through the Salvation Army’s program.

“We've heard stories in the past from clients that have come up to us, thanking us, saying this is (their) first Thanksgiving meal in years, so it’s really heartwarming (to be) part of that,” Mayhar said.

The food comes from the San Antonio Food Bank and donations.

Mendez said she’s looking forward to eating with her loved ones this year.

“Thankful for the food that we are able to receive due to the lack of our funds,” she said.

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