'Tis the season for matching family holiday PJs

Before you write off this trend entirely, hear us out!

Photo: Amazon.com
Photo: Amazon.com

Matching holiday family pajamas are pretty adorable, if you ask us. We're not saying this should be a year-round practice, but leading up to Christmas or Hanukah or whatever you celebrate, we fully endorse this growing trend.

Whether you love the idea in general or you think it'd be cute for Facebook or your next family photo session, we're here to provide some inspiration.

Don't feel like it's too late in the season. There's still plenty of time before Christmas, and ample opportunities to get your order in and snap some pics. Your kids are only little once, you know? Hop on board and you'll be happy you did so.

We hope you love the following recommendations. Just as a heads-up, Graham Media Group may collect a small share of sales from the links provided on this page.

1.) This classic "Let it Snow" set

Regardless of whether there's a foot of snow on the ground where you celebrate the holidays, or it's 60 and sunny outside, we can all agree: it's the thought that counts, when it comes to "let it snow," right? (No one really wants 3 feet of fresh powder, do they?) Sounds nice in theory and it's super cute scrawled across some PJ tops, but let's leave it there.

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2.) This plaid set, which looks perfect for any families with infants or babies

Why do we get the feeling that dads everywhere are going to be the ones who fight this trend? Well, with the plaid set that you see here, they just can't. It's that simple. There's nothing to hate on; the pajamas are simple and clean, and we're willing to bet that the dad figure in your family wears something like this to bed already. Are we wrong? Plus, just look at the infant gear. That little hat is so sweet.

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3.) A "Peanuts"-themed set

Yes, that is Snoopy you see in the bottom right -- your eyes are not deceiving you.

Introduce your children to these beloved comic-strip characters through their PJs, which look incredibly soft and cozy. "That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown!"

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4.) This Christmas tree set

We went a little obvious with this pick, yes. But Christmas means Christmas trees, and if you're going to do holiday PJs, then this is certainly on theme! We love this traditional set of pajamas. Not to mention, they're an Amazon bestseller, so they must be great.

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5.) This festive "all-lit-up" set

Similar to the situation with the coordinating Christmas tree set, the mentality here is like, if you're going to commit to holiday pajamas, you can't go half in. And yes, going "all in" means that your dog could even have a pair, too. How fun is that? Dogs are family; you can't just leave them out!

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6.) Our hands-down favorite set of the bunch

OK, not to play favorites, but ... we're definitely going to play favorites. If you're on the fence about this whole "coordinated jammies" thing, this has gotta be the set that pushes you over the edge. They're matching, but not in an obvious way. They're perfect for family photos because everyone looks cute on his or her own, and then as a group, the whole concept is just elevated. We know we're getting pretty technical regarding matching PJs over here, but that's how passionate we feel about these particular ones. You have to get them!

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7.) This buffalo plaid set

Buffalo plaid is having a real moment this season. And this set is a bit more understated than say, the lights or the Christmas trees. Also they're fleece. And the makers have included your pup again, which we love. Can't go wrong with these!

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8.) This "warm and cozy" set

We adore these ones, especially if you have a bigger-than-average family. Look at all the variation! Also, "warm and cozy" is a definite mantra this time of year.

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