12 gift ideas guaranteed to please even the pickiest of moms

Amazon gift guide includes Timex watch, Calvin Klein purse, Kate Spade tumbler

By Michelle Ganley - Graham Media Group

When it comes to holiday shopping, it's safe to say that most people want to nail that gift for mom. She's the whole reason you exist on this planet, right?

Without further ado, here are 12 killer ideas on what to buy for even the pickiest of mothers.

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1.) This cross-body bag by Calvin Klein.

Pretty, right? This purse is cross-body style, meaning your mom can go hands-free, which is convenient for almost anyone. And the floral pattern is youthful enough for a young mom, and classic enough for an older woman in your life, as well.

2.) A Timex watch like this one -- or the pink version.

This piece, designed with Swarovski crystals, gets phenomenal reviews on Amazon, and it's especially beautiful, considering the price point: Less than $50? Count us in!

3.) An electric wine-opener.

This is totally one of those items that no one buys for herself. But what a fun gift! Maybe pair it with a reasonable bottle of pinot noir or riesling and call it a day.

4.) Something nice to upgrade her kitchen, such as this classic butter dish.

This piece from Le Creuset is timeless. Plus, you could make your gift as simple as just the butter dish, or you could buy some of the matching items -- such as a dish for creamer, a spoon rest, matching salt and pepper shakers, etc. The list goes on! (If you scroll just past the dish itself on Amazon, it'll show you the recommended and related items).

5.) An espresso machine.

What kind of coffee-drinker is your mom, or the mom in your life? If she enjoys the occasional (or daily) latte or cappuccino, let's start saving her some money. She doesn't need to be hitting up Starbucks every day! Why not get her a nice setup so that she can make her favorite caffeinated beverage at home? This particular espresso machine -- a best-seller, we'll add -- gets top marks for being easy to use and relatively affordable.

6.) A super decadent throw or blanket -- we love this one!

Moms just want to be cozy. Check out this super chunky knit blanket. It looks incredibly warm, stylish, luxurious, and it would match almost any home. It works as a decorative yet practical piece, all at the same time. If you have to shop for a mother who's maybe not your own, this would make for an ideal gift. You don't have to know her that well, to know she'd love this.

7.) This Kate Spade tumbler.

Who are you shopping for? A working mom? She needs this tumbler. A mom who likes to work out? She needs this tumbler. Your elderly mom? She needs this tumbler. See where we're going with this? Hydration is important, and the woman in your life might as well drink out of something stylish for all that water.

8.) Stila mascara.

From true makeup mavens to even the most minimalist of moms, it's safe to say that most women wear mascara -- if only on weekends, at the very least. This kind, made by a brand called Stila, makes your lashes so light and fluffy, almost as if you're wearing the false kind. Buy this for your mom and she'll definitely be impressed. Plus, a tube of mascara lasts SO long (well, for most people). This is the gift that keeps on giving!

9.) A high-quality camera.

This Canon is what dreams are made of. Maybe the mom in your life is a recent grandma, or maybe she likes to travel. Either way, let's help her document those adventures in the best way possible: Through the lens of this fancy-pants Canon camera.

10.) Upgrade her hair-dryer.

Because drying your hair can be kind of a chore, here's a gift opportunity! Help make this task less of a pain by giving the mom in your life a fun, new blow-dryer. This one from the brand Rusk is moderately priced, it receives stellar user reviews and boasts a ton of cool features. Plus, she'll think of you and your generous present nearly every day.

11.) A new cookbook -- perhaps this one, from the creator of the viral food blog How Sweet Eats.

"The Pretty Dish," released just recently, packs some truly incredible recipes, including ones for tahini granola bars, Green Goddess chicken salad, lemon cupcakes with mojito frosting and even listings for cocktails and beauty DIYs. So no matter if mom's a foodie or she just loves delicious things ... yum and hooray! This is the book to buy. It's perfect for her coffee table as well, as the photos are nothing short of stunning. And the recipes definitely have universal appeal. So regardless of whether she eats healthy or likes to indulge, there's something in here for everyone.

12.) A portable phone charger.

Are you scratching your head at all the above recommendations, saying, "Nope, nope, nope and nope"? (I know, that's crazy, right? I swear we've nailed it by now). Well, here's our final gift idea: a portable phone charger. Because at this point, EVERY mom has a cellphone. And sometimes that phone will die, which is really inconvenient. Make sure she never has that problem again when you buy her this charger.

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