Laughter, voices caught on audio at reported haunted buildings in Castroville

'A Haunting in South Texas' visits Castroville City Hall

By Erica Hernandez - Digital Journalist, Adrian Garcia - Digital Journalist

CASTROVILLE, Texas - The town of Castroville was founded in 1844, and as you can imagine, it has a rich history.

A lot of that history lies around the current city hall building. 

The building was first a courthouse, but from 1915 to the '60s it was used as an elementary school. 

"It's the perfect combination for one of the best hauntings," San Antonio Paranormal Investigator Guillermo Fuentes said. 

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The second floor of the building, which is where the gymnasium used to be, is where the most activity is found.

In fact, not much renovation has been done to it, and the basketball court is still recognizable.

The night of's investigation, our audio devices caught the sound of a child laughing.

We then asked if any of the children present wanted to play hide-and-seek, and a voice responded, saying, "Come find me."

We also left a camera rolling for 30 minutes while we went down to the first floor. During playback of the video, you can hear movement around the camera, the sound of what seemed to be a bouncing ball and the squeaking of shoes. 

This wasn't the only place in town that we investigated. 

Reporter Debrief: Haunted buildings reported in Castroville

Just down the street from the city hall is an old restaurant called The Alsation.

This old building is home to the apparent ghost of a woman named Catherine, who used to live there with her kids.

When the patio was being built, a small gravestone was found.

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It is said it may be the gravestone of a child of Catherine's. Ever since it was disturbed, a woman in white has reportedly been seen all around the building by staff and customers. 

While sitting in the cellar during our visit, our audio recorder also captured the sound of a woman saying the name Joseph, which was Catherine's husband's name.

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