Little girl, other spirits said to haunt historic Texas opera house

'A Haunting in South Texas' visits Uvalde Grand Opera House

By Erica Hernandez - Digital Journalist, Adrian Garcia - Digital Journalist

Uvalde - The Uvalde Grand Opera House is 126 years old, and throughout its history, a rumor that the building is haunted have persisted.

Along with the San Antonio Paranormal Investigators, set out to find out if those rumors were true. 

"There was a lady standing in the window."

"A Haunting in South Texas" heard many stories from those who live in Uvalde and from those who work inside the opera house. 

Uvalde Police Lt. Jerry Martinez recalled an incident a couple years ago while he was on patrol.

WATCH: Uvalde Police Lt. Jerry Martinez recalls frightening incident during patrol

Besides Martinez, handyman Issac Perez also has many stories from his time working inside the opera house.

“It always felt like somebody was sitting there watching me while I worked,” Perez said.

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One particular incident involved a little girl he spotted near the stage while he was on the second floor.

WATCH: Uvalde Opera House handyman Issac Perez shares story of interaction with little girl during work shift

Aside from that incident, Perez told many stories of different occurrences he experienced. 

Perez claimed to have seen several different ghosts inside, including those of two different women. 

WATCH: Handyman Issac Perez identifies two women from drawings made by psychic

The San Antonio Paranormal Investigators sought out to find out if the little girl Perez saw was present.  An EVP session was performed on the stage and lead investigator Guillermo Fuentes asked for the little girl to recite the “ABCs.”

WATCH: Paranormal investigators ask little girl to say her "ABCs" during EVP session

During the same EVP session, the little girl was asked her name -- and she answered.

WATCH: Little girl heard saying her name during EVP session inside Uvalde Opera House

It appeared she responded, saying the name "Sally."

Other EVP sessions were done throughout the building, and were able to pick up the sounds of music and other inaudible voices.

History of the Uvalde Opera House

To say something unexplainable is inside that building would not be a lie, but there will always be skeptics.

Sometimes you have to see to believe.

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