Past inmates, sheriffs reportedly haunt old Lavaca County jail

'A Haunting in South Texas' visits the old Lavaca County jail

By Erica Hernandez - Digital Journalist

Hallettsville - Violent criminals, including murderers, were once housed in the old Lavaca County jail.

That is the reason why some believe the place is now haunted. 

“There was a lot hangings, suicides, a lot of bad things happened here,” property manager Debra Fawcett said.

Fawcett spends a lot of time inside the jail. She’s seen and heard it all, even once getting attacked by something.

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“I’ve been shoved down the stairs,” Fawcett said. “It was a pretty hostile environment, but it’s all changed and we had a come to Jesus meeting.”

Building owner Roger Chambers also witnessed unexplained occurrences.

“I’ve experienced some encounters myself, doors closing behind and things like that,” Chambers said.

At first sight the place is eerie, and there is a feeling someone is always watching you.

The night visited we started our EVP sessions in different areas around the jail. 

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The first couple of sessions didn’t produce much, so we separated into groups. The women stayed upstairs in the men’s section and the men went downstairs to cells that housed the women inmates.

As the EVP session started in the men’s cells, the strong odor of cigarettes came out of nowhere.

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Downstairs, the EVP session produced the audio of the sound of someone saying the name of our lead investigator, Guillermo Fuentes.

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For the most part the night we visited it didn’t seem like the spirits that still linger wanted to be bothered, but it’s worth the visit if you are interested in finding out for yourself.

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