19-Year-Old Offers to Let Other Girls Borrow Her Prom Dress For Their Own Proms

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A kind teenager is lending her prom dress to girls who may not be able to afford one.

Mika Riddick, 19, said she realized in high school how expensive paying for prom can be so she wanted to help a girl in need.

Riddick, of Maryland, took to Twitter to offer the opportunity.

I know there is people who arent that fortunate. Prom is around graduation, getting ready for college, application fees, Riddick told InsideEdition.com. There is so much stuff you have to pay for. I was just like someone can borrow my dress.

Riddick said she wore the dress to her prom in 2016.

Her parents gave her a budget of $300, but when she found her prom dress it was much more than that price. However, Riddick loved it so much that her parents bought it anyway.

She has a special connection to the dress because her father, who has since passed, helped pay for it, but she doesnt mind lending it to others.

Riddick said she has already received several requests to borrow the dress and one teen is already scheduled to wear it to her prom.

She said she doesnt see her gesture as a big deal.

I honestly didnt think much of it, Riddick said.


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