Farmers Warming Up Freezing Lambs by Putting Them in Ovens

There is no mint sauce involved.

Farmers in Britain, where unusual amounts of snow have fallen across the country, have been warming up freezing little lambs by sticking them in ovens. 

William Jones, 24, a Welsh dairy and sheep farmer, said after a lamb was born in sub-freezing conditions, he had bring the little guy inside.

"The quickest way to get him back on his feet was to bring him to the house, wrap him up in the Aga and fill his tummy with high energy feed," Jones told Metro.

An Aga is a heat storage stove and cooker.

Frigid temperatures also had other farmers taking the same measures as Jones.

Ian O'Reilly, 49, of Lancashire said he also put two newborn lambs in his Aga, a trick that's been passed down by generations of his family.


A light flurry they said...

Posted by Ian O'Reilly on Saturday, March 3, 2018

"Ten minutes in there and their core temperatures are up and they can be brought out and reunited in the barn with their mothers," O'Reilly told the Daily Mail, explaining how long the wee lambs need to stay in the Aga.


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