Democrats Expected to Announce 2 Articles of Impeachment Against Trump

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Democrats in the House of Representatives are expected to announce two articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump Tuesday: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, multiple Democratic sources told CBS News

Democratic committee chairmen are expected to formally unveil the articles during a press conference. It's the latest step in the impeachment inquiry that centers around Trump's dealings with Ukraine. 

The impeachment inquiry began after a whistleblower came forward alleging that Trump withheld $400 million in military assistance to Ukraine and a meeting at the White House with the country's president in exchange for an investigation into Vice President Joe Biden and his son's business dealings in Ukraine. That's the foundation of the abuse of power article. 

The obstruction of Congress article deals with the Trump administration's decision to block key figures from the executive branch from testifying and refusing to release documents as part of the inquiry. 

Trump has denied all wrongdoing and House Republicans have made it clear they oppose impeachment. 

The House Judiciary Committee could consider the articles of impeachment as early as this week, and the entire House of Representatives could vote on them as early as next week. 


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