PUBLISHING SATURDAY How Famous Florida Sextuplets Celebrated Turning 12

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The famous Byler sextuplets of Florida are celebrating their 12th birthday. 

Inside Edition was there as the six preteens — Eli, Brady, Ryan, Jackson, Charlie and MacKenzie — crowded around the kitchen table to blow out the candles on their birthday cake.

“They’re very competitive,” the sextuplets’ mom, Karoline, told Inside Edition.

Inside Edition has been following the siblings since they were born in 2007. They’re a lot bigger now as they walk the halls of sixth grade and participate in extracurricular activities. They each have their own style and love of different sports, including soccer, basketball and gymnastics.

But some things haven’t changed, like the chaos that ensues when the kids come home from school and how hectic it is cooking dinner for such a big family.

The close quarters can also lead to struggles with sharing.

The sextuplets’ older sister Zoe has her own big bedroom, and so does MacKenzie. But the boys, including little brother Rory, all share one room with bunk beds and a single bathroom.

“It’s sheer madness absolutely every day,” Karoline said.


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