Victoria's Secret Models Reportedly Claim Former Executive Sexually Harassed Them

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Several models claim the former L Brands chief marketing officer sexually harassed them, according to a New York Times investigation.

Ed Razek, a former top official of Victoria's Secret's parent company and a driving force behind their annual fashion show, made lewd comments about supermodel Bella Hadid's breasts at a fitting in 2018, according to the Times.

Per the report, Razek also tried to kiss models and asked them to sit on his lap. Former Victoria's Secret model Andi Muise said Razek tried to kiss her in a limo, and when she refused his invitations to dinner, she said was cut from the fashion show.

Razek released a statement denying the accusations, which he said were "categorically untrue, misconstrued or taken out of context."

The 2019 Victoria's Secret fashion show was cancelled by L Brands, which credited declining viewership and lack of impact on sales for the decision.

The company says it has adopted more robust anti-harassment policies and has made significant strides in ensuring a safe, welcome and empowering workplace. 

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