Heart-Stopping Video Shows Cop Pull Unconscious Man From Burning House


California police officer Jonathan Brown is being hailed a hero for kicking down the door of a burning house and rescuing an unconscious man inside.

Dramatic body cam footage shows a frantic scene as officers arrive at the home going up in flames in Grass Valley. 

The front door appears to be blocked with thick smoke, making it hard for them to see what was on the other side. Cops start to call out the name of the man trapped inside, but got no response.

That's when Brown went around to a side door of the house and kicked it down. He sees the homeowner passed out on the floor and quickly drags him out by the feet.

Paramedics administered CPR and rushed the victim to the hospital.

Officials said the man is expected to make a full recovery, thanks in part to the officers who were determined to find him before it was too late.


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