Medical Professionals Praised for Risking Their Lives During COVID-19 Pandemic


The unsung heroes of the coronavirus crisis are the doctors and nurses on the front lines taking care of patients in hospitals worldwide, officials said. 

Around the world, medical personnel are risking their lives to help the stricken.

Medical workers donned Hazmat suits at a drive-through testing facility in New Rochelle, New York, over the weekend, prompting Gov. Andrew Cuomo to praise their work on Sunday’s “60 Minutes.”

“God bless them,” he said. “I marvel at their courage.” 

Concerns grow over the safety of healthcare workers, who are increasingly finding themselves exposed to COVID-19. Hundreds of them have already been sent home for self-quarantine, which is creating a potential staffing shortages at hospitals across the country. 

Some states are calling on doctors and nurses to come out of retirement and potential fill-ins are being recruited from medical schools. 

In California, more than 200 hospital workers from one town are under quarantine, while in Boston’s Berkshire Medical Center, they had to hire a traveling nurse company after more than 50 employees were exposed. 


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