Big Boulders Destroy Colorado Highway, Shut Road 'Indefinitely'

By Inside Edition Staff
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Two big boulders, one the size of a building, went barreling down a Colorado hillside Friday afternoon and destroyed a local highway.

Highway 145 between Cortez and Telluride has been shut down "indefinitely" after a rock slide, the Colorado Department of Transportation said on Facebook. The debris fell about 12 miles north of Dolores.

"The slide consisting of dirt, rock and two huge boulders which have destroyed the full width of the highway pavement, leaving a trench approximately eight feet deep across both lanes. The road is impassable at this time," the agency wrote.

Photos shared by the department show a busted up road with a bulldozer and emergency vehicles nearby. The equipment was dwarfed by a massive boulder, which the department said is "the size of a building."

The huge rock was embedded in the roadside and would need to be blasted into smaller pieces before being moved out of the way, the agency said.


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