Dog Hijacks Cop's Car, Steals His Beef Jerky

By Inside Edition Staff
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A Texas officer dispatched to deal with a stray dog got more than he bargained for when the pup "hijacked" his cruiser. 

In an attempt to capture the dog, the officer cracked open the door to the back seat of his police car, not realizing he'd left the front door open as well. Instead of hopping in the caged back seat, the dog leaped into the front and helped itself to the officer's beef jerky, according to the Kilgore Police Department. 

"Cujo decided he wasn't going to jail and instead jumped into the front seat," the police department wrote on Facebook of the dog they named after the killer canine from the Stephen King novel "Cujo." "As the Officer tried to get him out of the front drivers seat, Cujo became aggressive."

Police added: "The Officer's car had been hijacked!!!"

Fortunately, the officer got backup from Animal Control and Cujo was safely taken into custody

"The only injury sustained in this incident was to the Officers pride," the post concluded. 


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