Family Celebrates Mom's 30th Birthday With 'Star Wars' Photo Shoot After They

By Inside Edition Staff
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When Jennifer and Michael Crane realized they couldn't afford to go to Disney for her 30th birthday, they decided to bring the celebration to a galaxy closer to their West Virginia home with a "Star Wars"-themed photo shoot.

Michael snapped pics of Jennifer dressed as Princess Leia and their 4-year-old son, Hunter, dressed as Darth Vader. Aubrianna, 11, and Chase, 9, dressed up as matching Stormtroopers

“I couldn’t afford to get my wife there for her birthday, and this was the best I could do! ” Michael told of his inspiration for the fun photo shoot. “We will make it work hopefully soon.”

Michael's love of "Star Wars" began when he was a boy, and when Jennifer and Michael started dating he got her hooked on the franchise as well. Now, the whole household is obsessed.

“We play 'Battlefront' or Lego Star Wars daily,” said Michael. “Lightsaber battles daily! It’s really not an exaggeration. The family is addicted.”

Michael and Jennifer also built their children a bunk room complete with "Star Wars" memorabilia from Michael’s childhood and lightsaber wall lights that Michael made himself.

The couple hopes that "Star Wars" continues to be a staple in their children’s lives as they grow older and that they look back on these photos fondly.

“They’ll look back and laugh that mom and dad are dorks,” said Michael. “They will never forget it!”


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