Gay Flamingos Lance Bass and Freddie Mercury Are in Love

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Lance Bass and Freddie Mercury are in love — at the Denver Zoo.

Flamingos Lance Bass, from Chile, and Freddie Mercury, from the United States, have been a happy couple ever since meeting at the zoo.

“Their behavior is very similar to our male-female pairs,” the Denver Zoo said on Facebook. “They perform courtship rituals, like 'head flagging,' and live in a nest mount they built on a communal island.”

While it was partially zookeepers that brought them together, since Chilean flamingos don’t often get to meet American flamingos in the wild, fate also played a hand in their whirlwind romance.

“We manage our flock in a way that gives them infinite choice,” the zoo wrote. “They can wander around Flamingo Island, build nests, choose who they socialize with, so it’s pretty special that Lance and Freddie chose each other.”

When asked about their names, the zoo said all 76 flamingos in their flock are named after musicians, and because flamingos are named upon maturity, they were given their names after they chose each other.

Even though Lance and Freddie may never become parents, the zoo said they’ll consider making the happy couple surrogate parents if another breeding pair is unable to raise their chick.


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