Mystery Surrounds What Happened to Jeffrey Epstein Inside Jail Cell: Today on Inside Edition

By Inside Edition Staff
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Disgraced billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was found injured in his jail cell on Tuesday with marks around his neck.

Epstein, who's accused of sex trafficking, reportedly blamed a fellow inmate, who he said beat him up and called him a child predator. But could it all be a ruse?

How did President Trump end up standing in front of a doctored presidential seal while addressing a conservative student group? A poorly executed Google search is rumored to be at fault. 

Video shows a jogger chasing down the man she said flashed her. Why she felt compelled to do it.

And the mystery of how an In-N-Out burger ended up on the streets of New York City has been solved!

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Copyright (c) 2018 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.