Police Return Lost $3 to Girl Scout Who Turned It in 14 Years Ago

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Scout's honor!

Police tracked down Paige Woodie, who in 2004, found $3 on a New Jersey street.

At the time, she was a 12-year-old Girl Scout.  Woodie and a friend, Jackie Bradley, walked the lost cash into the Monmouth Beach Police Department and handed it to officers.

14 years later, cops showed up at Woodie’s door to return the money. Monmouth Police had been holding on to it in evidence. Since no one claimed it, they decided to give it back to Woodie.

Sgt. Jeff Godwin told WNBC, “I think we should all expect our children to do that and really expect nothing less from them. If you raise your kids right they’re going to be honest and hopefully that’s what we can all take from the story.”

Woodie doesn’t get to keep all the loot-- she has to split it with Bradley since she was also present when they turned it in.


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