Texas officer buys groceries for man who had his stolen when he fainted outside

Officer Kirsten Koryciak bought man lettuce, vegetables and oatmeal

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HOUSTON - A Houston police officer bought groceries for a man who had his stolen when he passed out in a Walmart parking lot.

Officer Kirsten Koryciak was off duty but working an extra shift at a local Walmart on June 11 when she spotted a “groggy looking” man who let her know he’d suffered a diabetic episode in the parking lot.

As EMS was tending to him, his groceries were stolen.

Koryciak said after talking to the man she realized he was on a fixed budget and didn’t have money to buy another round of groceries. So, she stepped in and bought them for him.

“I offered to buy his groceries to get him some food, because he was diabetic and I knew he needed to eat,” Koryciak said at a press conference.

With $25 of her own money, Koryciak bought him vegetables, lettuce and oatmeal.

“I just didn’t want to see that young man suffering,” she said. “It’s part of my job to care about people.”

Koryciak, who said her father suffers from Type 1 Diabetes, said she understands how bad the disease can be.

“He wasn’t having a great day. He wasn’t feeling good,” Koryciak said. “If you see somebody being mistreated or taken advantage of, say something. You have to treat people like they were your own family… how you want to be treated.”

Copyright (c) 2018 CBS Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.