This DIY Wedding Cake Cost Less Than $50 and a Quick Trip to Costco

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A wedding cake for less than $50 is only unheard of if you haven’t met this DIY family.

When Jessica Hoyle-King was tasked with figuring out a wedding cake for her brother and sister-in-law’s wedding with no budget in mind, she took to Costco and decided to put together a masterpiece with what she could find.

Using two $18.99 sheet cakes with cream cheese filling, cut into tiered squares and re-iced, and about $10 worth of real flowers, she and other family members were able to create a multi-tiered wedding cake to be served for the nuptials.

“My brother and my whole family are very hands-on, DIY and save money wherever we can,” Hoyle-King told “A real budget wedding in the books.”

She explained that the newlyweds, Gosia and Jeremy Hoyle, who met exploring Chernobyl, wanted to save money for their honeymoon in Rome and planned to spend as little as possible on their wedding.

“Their flower budget was $0,” Hoyle-King explained. “Their cake budget was, ‘Let’s make cupcakes and freeze for the wedding.’”

When she got put in charge of being the wedding coordinator two days before the big date, Hoyle-King said she was determined to give them the best wedding possible for the lowest cost.

They picked up a couple of craft items from the store, picked wildflowers off the side of the road, repurposed old mason jars and bought flowers from Trader Joe’s to make their vision come true.

“Our families all pulled together, making the table centerpieces, organizing tables, wrapping tiny Polish wedding cakes – the bride is from Poland – and decorating tables,” she said. “They were amazing.”


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