28% of San Antonio deaths are attributed to cardiovascular disease

KSAT Community promotes healthy heart awareness


February was Heart Month, and with nearly 28 percent of San Antonio area deaths attributed to cardiovascular disease each year it’s an issue we really took to heart.



Throughout the month, KSAT Community asked their viewers one very important question - "How healthy is your heart?"  Thanks to our partner, University Health System (UHS), viewers could visit their website and get an answer to that question.  At the end of the month we hosted our second annual “Heart Health Phone Bank” in conjunction with UHS. The phone bank allowed people who took the online test a chance to share their results with nurses to help them better understand their heart health. Not only was the phone bank enjoyable for both nurses and the station it was also well received as phones were ringing off the hook from start to finish. The number of calls received and how many callers were referred to physicians is still being tallied by UHS. 


Since its inception in 2012, KSAT Community has been a reflection of the station’s goal to use the power of its media properties to promote local initiatives which help the greatest number of South Texas residents all year long. We accomplish this feat by having monthly events and “spotlighting” a local nonprofit organization that has a call to action needed to be heard by the community.